Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Shock the pants off you!!!!

Hello world!!!! I have not fallen off the face of it despite what you might all think!! I will try to get back into blogging again I really do miss it and everyone from brooks! So last year we decided to move and sell our house, and we have been so busy that i have a hard time wondering what exactly I have been doing for the past year. New schools, new ward, new calling, family everywhere!!! So our big plan was to sell our house and move to Raymond, but like most people know life does not go as you plan it. Anyways, we sold our house but with only enough money to pay off debt and nothing else! No down payment, and Kendon with out a job so no house! Kiarra was traveling to Raymond with my mom to go to school because my mom teaches there, so when we moved she would already be at the Jr High. So she finished out the year there anyways. My other kids went to the county school in Lethbridge called Sunny side (nothing like the daycare in Toy Story 3, in case you were wondering). They really liked the school and the bus picked up at the front door so what was not to like. It is a small school with only 120 kids, so the school would do whole school field trips which was cool, I could be there for both of my kids!!! Kendon has tried out a few different jobs, and now is working in Medicine Hat for a oilfield company called CO3. He really likes the job but we have been financially through the ringer this year so what we are doing and where we are going still to be determined. The idea of living in Medicine Hat is kind of appealing though because I might see my brooks friends occasionally, so that would be cool. We are still not sure if that is right or not. I have gotten really close with my family and Kendons again, it has been nice to be close to everyone again. On the other hand there has been a lot of family stress and crap that I could do without as well. Take it or leave it that's family for you!! We are living with my mother on her acreage and have 6 horses, 5 calves, 4 dogs, one cat and some fish!!! Which I feed every morning and night!!!I am working on a chicken coop right now so that will be fun! I have been so enjoying this country life style, that the thought of moving sucks, but to be so far away from my husband also sucks! He works for long periods at a time living in his truck but he says that he will be gone a lot even if we live there, so who knows. As you can tell our lives have been crazy busy and filled with some crappy turmoil, all though turmoil has seem to been my constant friend for two years or more so what else is new I guess!! I love and miss you all and hope to be a regular customer again!! Not that way, get your minds out of the gutter (or the bathroom)!! Disgusting!!! LOL

Friday, January 14, 2011


Okay I know the picture doesn't fit the scene out our windows, but who could resist such a happy face plus something to look forward to, beaches, sun and swimming, he he he! I don't have any christmas pictures because my mom took all the pics with her camera! Did a lot of traveling around this christmas holiday, five days at my parents, two days with the Clarks and three days with Trish. It was fun to be with family and see everyone but Kimberly said it so well when we were at Trisha's, " mommy can I sleep in my own bed now". Sooooo Cute!!! The christmas season came and went so fast it seems this year, but it is always nice to have a speacial time each year to talk and teach about the Savior, Jesus Christ. I am always greatful for the extra warmth that spirit brings into our homes and hearts each Christmas season. I am so grateful for the Savior my elder brother who choose to come to the earth and lay down his life so I can return to live with my family and Heavenly Father again. "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends", St. John 15:13. A scripture for us all to live by and be thankful for just such a friend who has done that for me.

I just love the snow when it is warm enough outside to go sledding, any other time and it is no fun!! We have a new roomy living with us, my little brother Derek is staying with us until Sept. when he goes to university in Lethbridge. So far it has been great although if he would just clean the downstairs bathroom all would be well, HeHe!!! What can you do, 19 year olds yikes!!! The kids are doing well in school, Kimberly is asking why she doesn't get to go to school yet and Nathan has tonsilitis again. Sorry about the spelling, not my strongest part of English in school! Not much else new in this house, back to school, work, extra cirricular activites, weight loss, band practice, cubs, cooking, cleaning, etc... Kendon is playing in a band in Taber if nobody knew and has made a awesome goal for this year to lose 50 lbs. He can totally do it, I have all the confidence in the world that he will accomplish this goal!!! GOOOOO KENDON!!!!! Talk to you all soon!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Okay Here Are The Summer Pics, Finally!!!!

Spraying the water is so much fun!!
So I still can't find my stupid cord for my camera but the missionaries are geniuses. Apparently (I am not computer smart) you can buy a adapter for that problem. It hooks up to your USB port and you put your chip from your camera in it and it downloads your pictures!!! Awesome, for those of you who knew about this already, shame on you for not sharing the secret!!!! So here goes, some pictures of us a the water park in Vulcan, since that was our summer vacation spot for a month, HeHeHe!!!!
Standing underneath the water with popcorn in a bowl, crazy girl!!!!
Running through the tunnel of water!!!
This spout of water is really neat!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dicison or Indecision that is the question!

I am a disater area!!! The last blog posted was in July....holy slacker!!!!! So I will try to get you all up to speed! Summer work project finished, Trisha's store up and running and doing well for her!!! Kendon has a new job!!! Five days a week, pay raise, better benefits, a work truck (everyother week), great boss, good employees, excellent company, a husband slightly stressed with all the new things to learn but happy! What more could you possibly ask for!! Kids back in school, grade 5 and 3! How did they grow up so fast, birthdays come and gone, Nathan's first, Nyles eighth (baptism)and Kiarra 10th (a decade)!!! What alot of huge milestones this year!!!! Oh ya and how could I forget, I'm thirty!!!!!!! Big year for the clark household. So on to the subject of being thirty, I am very excited about it. I feel more mature, ready to make some wardrobe changes, less young adult and more sophistication (he he). I have always thought that both Amy, Stephanie and Joanne dress very well, modest and grown up, even if they don't think so, but I will be taking some pages out of their books in this new year of maturity LOL!!!! My own personality thrown in their because lets face it who needs a clone running after them!!!!! Either way I'm excited!!

So about the title of this blog! The decision, when to pitch and run from a worthless hunk of metal on four wheels and when to make it work for a little longer!! There is a auto inventory sale this week a silver sage and we are going to check out the vehicles, i think we might go for it if the right vehicle and price come our way!! Be that as it may the decision is also then what make and model, what year, what km's, is the next to be a lemon as well, and is there every any real luck when getting a car!! There is this book at the library called "lemon-aid", the man gives you all the ins and outs of purchasing a vehicle, from defaults of models to customer complaints, to maunafcturator defects to crappy sale ploys. I have really enjoyed reading some of his books and they seem on the money and i am hoping to be better informed with this next purchase, if there is going to be one, than the last time i bought my money, gas guzzoling hunk of junk!!!!

There no pictures and who knows how long it will be because i can't find my retarded cord that connects from my camera to the computer. I even have some really awesome pictures i wanted to post and blog about, sucky!!!!! I am back and plan on keeping the blog more up to date, my apoligies to everyone and will be writing again soon!!!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

New picture

So my sister on law did our family pictures in her new studio. They turned out pretty good, each showing my children's personality, i didn't like the picture of me but what can you do, yellow washes me out. We have been camping out at my aunt Trisha's house for the last week. helping her move from her old store to her new store. What a chore that has been, mounds of metal shelving to be moved to her garage, merchandise to be moved, offices to be cleaned out, etc.... A service project and a half to quote my husband!!!!! Now I am painting her new logo and design on the sign in front of her new store (pictures to come of course) and helping to organize the new store for her grand opening!!! Next week my kids are going to do swimming lessons here while we finish working in the store.

We played at the water park here in Vulcan and the kids had tons of fun!!! I left my camera cord at home so the pictures will have to wait until next week. I know what you mean Lisa about going on vacay and sitting in someones house, yucky!!!! I was sick at the first part of the week but am feeling better now. We have been eating lunch at her new cafe called "Trisha's Tasty Treats", catchy name huh? She serves cheesecake and pastry, salad bar, soup and sandwiches, the food is great and she is in her element!!!!

I love summer and thank goodness for the nice weather, sun and heat, no rain!!!! We had my dad's famous couch potato party last weekend at their house, burning school work and having smores and staying up with Grandpa until 2a.m. to watch movies and gorge on junk food!!! What could be better, thanks Dad!!!

Kendon's brother got married also on June 26th, for the third time to a women with three kids. Crossing our fingers that it all goes good, eternity good we hope. I love her kids and she seems really nice, I look forward to getting to know her better, her name is Jamie. W ehad fun at the Clark's for Kendon's dad's birthday the next day. It was fun, playing in the backyard, riding quads, eating and being with family.

I have to go, kids yelling, babies crying, mom screaming, you know typical day in the Clark's House He He He!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hello old friends!!

Sorry about the delay in time, so much has happened and I am afraid that I have been depressed lately and been fine to be shut up in my house. This only one vehicle thing has been harder on me than my husband has realized I think. Family and friends and ward members have been so supportive, driving me to get my van, picking me up and taking me to church, coming over to my house for play groups, Thanks!!! Still non the less it still feels like a imprisonment of sorts. With an little baby and winter I have had to stay indoors and without the prospect of leaving even if I had somewhere to go has been very difficult for me. It was a necessary evil to keep us a float in these economic times and I am grateful for the hand the Lord has played in this last year. I have truly felt his loving arms around my family and me, I have know doubt he knows who I am and loves me as his daughter. I don't have tons of time right now but I promise to update tomorrow!!! Love you all!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

WOW! Has It been forever or what?!

So it has been so long since I last blogged, but I am back, applause please! These fun little crafts are what I made for my kids teachers, thanks to Stephanie and Kimara for the great ideas, they turned out so well and their teachers loved them!!!! Christmas went really good, Kendon had to work Christmas so we stayed home and did all our Christmas present opening on Christmas eve. Let me tell you it was great!!! We had a big dinner and the kids opened their presents that night, we played for awhile and left everything out and got up and played with it again!!!! We stayed in our pjs and watched movies and just had a relaxing time with the kids!! We might start that tradition from now on. Then the next day we went to Grandma and Grandpa Standing's house for boxing day and a few days extra with family!!!! So much fun!!! Here are some pics from that day!!!
The elders came and got Canada scarfs and chocolate and it looks like they had more fun with Nyles new train set than he did!!!!

Kimberly loved all her presents but the Winnie the pooh she liked the best!!
Kiarra got a electric guitar, she loved it and Kendon is going to teach her!!! Sweetness!!!!!