Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hello old friends!!

Sorry about the delay in time, so much has happened and I am afraid that I have been depressed lately and been fine to be shut up in my house. This only one vehicle thing has been harder on me than my husband has realized I think. Family and friends and ward members have been so supportive, driving me to get my van, picking me up and taking me to church, coming over to my house for play groups, Thanks!!! Still non the less it still feels like a imprisonment of sorts. With an little baby and winter I have had to stay indoors and without the prospect of leaving even if I had somewhere to go has been very difficult for me. It was a necessary evil to keep us a float in these economic times and I am grateful for the hand the Lord has played in this last year. I have truly felt his loving arms around my family and me, I have know doubt he knows who I am and loves me as his daughter. I don't have tons of time right now but I promise to update tomorrow!!! Love you all!!!


Kathy T. said...

Being stuck at home is hard! I think you've done so well! I totally don't mind running you!

Hopefully the new car will be running for you guys soon - my fingers are crossed!

Randa said...

I definately understand the being cooped up feeling and have been feeling very much like I got a "get out of jail free" card since I can haul my baby now and my being stuck at home was not nearly as long as yours! We have been loving the playgroups at your house though =)

kimara said...

I know what it is like to lock yourself up...Winters are like that for me as well. Now that the sun is shinning and it sounds like a new car is in your future I hope it gets better!

~I said...

Dear Nancy!
Thanks for calling today! What a nice surprise. It's great catching up with you - we'll have to do it more often. Pat yourself on the back for all that you're doing and learning and your good attitude to top it off. Glad to call you my friend.