Friday, November 12, 2010

Okay Here Are The Summer Pics, Finally!!!!

Spraying the water is so much fun!!
So I still can't find my stupid cord for my camera but the missionaries are geniuses. Apparently (I am not computer smart) you can buy a adapter for that problem. It hooks up to your USB port and you put your chip from your camera in it and it downloads your pictures!!! Awesome, for those of you who knew about this already, shame on you for not sharing the secret!!!! So here goes, some pictures of us a the water park in Vulcan, since that was our summer vacation spot for a month, HeHeHe!!!!
Standing underneath the water with popcorn in a bowl, crazy girl!!!!
Running through the tunnel of water!!!
This spout of water is really neat!!!


Lisa C said...

Nancy! I have one of these - and I've used it at your house on your computer before! BUT shame on me for not realizing that you had a picture problem

Kathy T. said...

Glad the picture problem is solved! I love it when people blog!

The spray park looks like fun - can't wait until ours is finished - well maybe I can, it would be a little chilly right now...

Kristen said...

Looks at that chubby little baby!! What a cutie! I, like you, have lost my cord and did not know about the adapter thing! I must get one of those doohickey's.