Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Shock the pants off you!!!!

Hello world!!!! I have not fallen off the face of it despite what you might all think!! I will try to get back into blogging again I really do miss it and everyone from brooks! So last year we decided to move and sell our house, and we have been so busy that i have a hard time wondering what exactly I have been doing for the past year. New schools, new ward, new calling, family everywhere!!! So our big plan was to sell our house and move to Raymond, but like most people know life does not go as you plan it. Anyways, we sold our house but with only enough money to pay off debt and nothing else! No down payment, and Kendon with out a job so no house! Kiarra was traveling to Raymond with my mom to go to school because my mom teaches there, so when we moved she would already be at the Jr High. So she finished out the year there anyways. My other kids went to the county school in Lethbridge called Sunny side (nothing like the daycare in Toy Story 3, in case you were wondering). They really liked the school and the bus picked up at the front door so what was not to like. It is a small school with only 120 kids, so the school would do whole school field trips which was cool, I could be there for both of my kids!!! Kendon has tried out a few different jobs, and now is working in Medicine Hat for a oilfield company called CO3. He really likes the job but we have been financially through the ringer this year so what we are doing and where we are going still to be determined. The idea of living in Medicine Hat is kind of appealing though because I might see my brooks friends occasionally, so that would be cool. We are still not sure if that is right or not. I have gotten really close with my family and Kendons again, it has been nice to be close to everyone again. On the other hand there has been a lot of family stress and crap that I could do without as well. Take it or leave it that's family for you!! We are living with my mother on her acreage and have 6 horses, 5 calves, 4 dogs, one cat and some fish!!! Which I feed every morning and night!!!I am working on a chicken coop right now so that will be fun! I have been so enjoying this country life style, that the thought of moving sucks, but to be so far away from my husband also sucks! He works for long periods at a time living in his truck but he says that he will be gone a lot even if we live there, so who knows. As you can tell our lives have been crazy busy and filled with some crappy turmoil, all though turmoil has seem to been my constant friend for two years or more so what else is new I guess!! I love and miss you all and hope to be a regular customer again!! Not that way, get your minds out of the gutter (or the bathroom)!! Disgusting!!! LOL


Kathy T. said...

I'm so glad you did not fall off the face of the earth! There have been so many times the past year when I'm like, "Nancy would know this or Nancy would know how to do that." I miss your infectious laugh. I wish you and your family the best wherever you are. You bless the lives of others being wherever you are. Hugs my friend!

Joanne said...

I totally miss you too and wish we had time to chat the other day... I will call you soon! you are a strong woman and I admire the strength you have in dealing with your lot in life!
*pivot* pivot*pivot!!!! hope that made you laugh!

Wilson Family said...

We miss you Nance! I love Sunny Side school, it is such a fun place for kids. I'm sorry so many things have not gone according to plan, but I'm happy you're all healthy.