Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dicison or Indecision that is the question!

I am a disater area!!! The last blog posted was in July....holy slacker!!!!! So I will try to get you all up to speed! Summer work project finished, Trisha's store up and running and doing well for her!!! Kendon has a new job!!! Five days a week, pay raise, better benefits, a work truck (everyother week), great boss, good employees, excellent company, a husband slightly stressed with all the new things to learn but happy! What more could you possibly ask for!! Kids back in school, grade 5 and 3! How did they grow up so fast, birthdays come and gone, Nathan's first, Nyles eighth (baptism)and Kiarra 10th (a decade)!!! What alot of huge milestones this year!!!! Oh ya and how could I forget, I'm thirty!!!!!!! Big year for the clark household. So on to the subject of being thirty, I am very excited about it. I feel more mature, ready to make some wardrobe changes, less young adult and more sophistication (he he). I have always thought that both Amy, Stephanie and Joanne dress very well, modest and grown up, even if they don't think so, but I will be taking some pages out of their books in this new year of maturity LOL!!!! My own personality thrown in their because lets face it who needs a clone running after them!!!!! Either way I'm excited!!

So about the title of this blog! The decision, when to pitch and run from a worthless hunk of metal on four wheels and when to make it work for a little longer!! There is a auto inventory sale this week a silver sage and we are going to check out the vehicles, i think we might go for it if the right vehicle and price come our way!! Be that as it may the decision is also then what make and model, what year, what km's, is the next to be a lemon as well, and is there every any real luck when getting a car!! There is this book at the library called "lemon-aid", the man gives you all the ins and outs of purchasing a vehicle, from defaults of models to customer complaints, to maunafcturator defects to crappy sale ploys. I have really enjoyed reading some of his books and they seem on the money and i am hoping to be better informed with this next purchase, if there is going to be one, than the last time i bought my money, gas guzzoling hunk of junk!!!!

There no pictures and who knows how long it will be because i can't find my retarded cord that connects from my camera to the computer. I even have some really awesome pictures i wanted to post and blog about, sucky!!!!! I am back and plan on keeping the blog more up to date, my apoligies to everyone and will be writing again soon!!!!


Kathy T. said...


I love it when you blog!

I didn't know you turned 30 - where was I? Congrats and welcome to the club! Hey, you should also check out the consumer report magazine - every year they have a car issue - at the library. Very good info!!! Good luck!

Kristen said...

Sadly, I'm crap at cars. I can pretty much promise you that any sort of info I gave you would be complete crap! Hopefully you find something great though. I know that Toyotas and Hondas do a good job of lasting. Good to hear from you by the way! It has been a while!

Randa said...

WELCOME BACK!! from the slacker that blogs monthly =)Love that you are resuming blogging so I can resume blog-stalking you he he he

kimara said...

I love it when you blog too! I love the look of your blog and especially the family picture!

Joanne said...

ahhhh you are so sweet! as for a new vehicle.....go for it!! you tried something and it didn't work ( sorry for the recommendation btw) and hopefully this one won't be a lemon. welcome to your 30's girlfriend they are THE best!!